Unseen Academy

About Me

I'm questor, a programmer living in Germany in the near of Karlsruhe. I've always wanted to make a homepage to present my projects and sourcecode I've written over the years, but it took ages to really build one. This is the second result :)

Back in the 90's I was a democoder on the atari st, you can find some informations about that time on the great "Atari History Pages" from Flix/Delta Force. On the ST we've released only one production, "Hier sind noch zwei Plaetze frei". After that we moved to the falcon and our production "Obnoxious" got very good reviews (but I have to admit that most of the hard work in this demo was done by LuckyST like glueing everything together(my code needed two nop-commands and nobody knows why) and some really cool routines). On the PC I've made some attempts to code demos and I'm in the process of writing a small demo for pc again. Otherwise I'm interested in coding stuff, small games and other things as I need them...
On my public bitbucket account you can find the source codes to my released projects and libraries.