Unseen Academy

back in the 90's I've was part of the demogroup Inter and we've released some demos for the Atari ST and Atari Falcon. I've contributed effects to the following demos:

  • Hier sind noch zwei Plaetze frei
  • In this demo I've programmed one screen completly by myself, I've contributed 3d-routines to another screen and compiled the whole demo to a disc (really nasty work!)
  • Obnoxious
  • Here I've made some effects for the intro and some stuff in the middle of the demo. My effects caused much headache in compiling the demo because the routine needs 2 no-operation-operand at the beginning and nobody knows why. I and 2 other guys searched for days but found no reason, so the demo was released WITH the nops...
    Theres a video-version floating on the net, but only with half of the demo. Evl/DHS made a complete video for me, but I've not the bandwith to distribute it here on this website so you have to wait till I find a host (it's a 170MB-Video).
  • Intercon 1996 invitation
  • Here I've coded all myself, but no really brainblasting routines were used except the 3d-routines which runned completly in the dsp (a 56001 processor from motorola).